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light series
self-motivative project. experimenting 3D images in high resolution PDF output.
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work in progress

psychedelic typography
self-motivative project. experiment typo application.

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working in progress

title : NABI academy Brochure
description : Art Center Nabi's educational program is quite different from other regular institutions. One thing make this program more speical is its modulated system. Sliced types represent 'modules', which could be connected and attached to each others in various ways. As a result, new froms could be generated how you handle the system.

title : illusion
nabi academy workshop series poster, 2008.

title : Bonding Company_space design + exhibition curating + art direction
exhibited : 2008 LIFT asia, Jeju Island.
In the new digital era, how does technology help us get closer to each other? What does "geting closer" mean to us now? The project "Bonding Company" is an experimental showcase for the 'opening, sharing, sparkling, and expanding' in communication. This exhibition represent a question about the new revolution in 'human relationships'. For different sections are filled up with interactive media works to 'bond' your relation ship with others.

title : ARCONN : artist connection_ // web site + service design
exhibited : 2008 LIFT asia, Jeju Island.

ARCONN (artist networks in media art) is a social network project where like-minded people share ideas, processes and inspiration in the media art realm. Since this site is more important in information than visuals, the site should be very informative but not too academic. The color coordination, green and blue, makes this site richer despite it's lack of pictures.

title : OPEN SOURCE/OPEN SPACE _NABI showcase_Design direction (web,print, space design)
exhibited : Art Center Nabi Showcase 2007, Seoul

Since the show is cosisted of works by students and community people, a little bit of academical scense was needed to be shown. Therefore, straight forward typeface with black and white color cordination gave a piece of feeling, 'something is very structured'. Without any partitions and dividers, the whloe space was quite opened as the show was titled.

title :
promotional site
This site was designed while ttoky works for MTV networks at NYC.

title : personal promotion card

title : April 2nd. business card, T-shrt design
April2nd is a graphic T-shirt design shop.
media art / design studio based in korea.
focused on data visualization projects with urban life, people connection, and environments
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oil spill data visualization, INDAF 2010
data visualizing upon wort oil spills in history, 2010 DeepWater Horizon, Exxon Valdetz 1987, and oil war.
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airCleaning visuals
digital contents proposal to the SKchemicals
Data visualization upon the building's air cleaning system data.
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waterSaving visuals
digital contents for the SK chemicals
Data visualization upon the building's water conservation data.
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visual test : grow effect
openGL programming test. processing, openGL, JOGL. Graphics in prototypying now.
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the gender ratio _ interactive
The gender ratio data visualization of the night club in seoul. The work was exhibited at the entrance of club Eden, which helps you to decide whether or not to go in.

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me at the first sight
live vjing performance application.
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showReel presented at Seoul Art Center, 09
short movie clips from "intoxication", "fallen flower".

title : Fallen Flower, Intoxication at JaeHyung Jung's 2008 Concert
description : commissioned work by the Korean singer/songwriter, JaeHyung Jung's 2008 concert in Seoul. The music was the sound track, "Intoxication", from the Intoxication O.S.T., and Princess Aurora O.S.T..

title : nowThen.crowded?
description : The most significant characters of network-able environments is 'real time' recognition. Individual nodes get together and become a massive cloud. As collective intelligence, "nowThen.Crowded?" shows how the media art realm streams in the real world.

____ Creators get new roles in new media technology environments, especially in network system.They take messages from the individual and re-distribute to the world.From this perspective, 'nowThen. Crowded?' would like to show what is happening in media arts, right now.

showReel presented at Seoul Art Center, 09
short movie clips from "21 centry palace", "classically digitized spot. guangyang"

screen capture from "me at the first sight, neMaf 2007, Seoul"
live vjing performance

title : "21C palace"- dining table (series of three)
What would a palace dining room be like in the 21st century? This series of motion graphics represents new digital paintings for the 21st century palace dining room. Instead of large and elegance canvas, 42 inch LCD panels will take over the walls and digitized live graphics will be shown there rather than royal family's portraits. These digital paintings are made by accurate computer systems, but the images are full of nature.

current project : digital contents for the SK chemicals new building
in progress. This content will be shown at the main artrium of SK chemicals new building at PanKyo. The building's main concept is 'eco' and 'circulation'. The visual application will be generated from real time data.
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