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design and the art of depicting reality
To visualize this data is to understand it. My article posted at MOMA blog reflects on the specific circumstances of data visualization design in the Korea.
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Again SEIUN (世運商街)
Seiun Sanga has been renovated as city recreation project in 2017. This visualization depicts our auditory memories with visual remembrance of the building.
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city data ; seoul daily expenditure
Can public data describe our city?
If so, what would that data be? Can public screens be the medium for increasing public awareness?
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3D mind map in immersive virtual environment
Visualizing a mind-map in a virtual three-dimensional space, which displays how small thoughts relate to each other and come together to create one big idea as a result.
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mobile traffic data visualization
the growth of data usage by smartphones
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social networkservice data, intel
The influence of Social Network Service on Intel marketing and communication
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forming healthy nations!
Health and Well-being index = balancing environmental factors and social structures
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my health manager
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studies / practices
Can we change our behavior or way of thinking by seeing data? This site contains my experimental visualizations based on this question.
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What if machines can see music….?
visualization of machines with imagination
Can machines be creative? Myabye YES, because, machines can see things from different perspectives, not like human and never like human can image. more details below
Optical data and the subjective values
Perspective shapes perception and perception influences the value of information. This project portraits data as an objective material while information is received subjectively.
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unpredicted possibility
Identity. Is it a given image or built by someone’s purpose? This kinetic installation represents the institute’s identity as it’s movement and shape are generated by researchers’ daily data.
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poungru(風樓) - naturally forced, essentially formed
Pongru (風樓) means “open space in the breeze” in the original Chinese character. This pavilion reacts to wind force. Strong winds eliminates the space, light breeze brings the space back.
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data currency, powered by network actions
Can we place value on our daily network activity in terms of labor?
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data formation
What if we apply data to a physical space? Could it be an effective way for us to be more more conscious of our energy consumption?
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circulating data
The process of transferring data from where it was produced to those who need it.
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gender ratio
Data visualization affects our decision making.
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redefined city
integrated definition about cities where we live in
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